Arias Assessors

Arias Assessors

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Design Outsourcing for Arias Assessors.

Management and development company with more than 15 years of experience, located in the center of Barcelona. Their services are focused on both self-employed individuals (freelancers) and large companies. Their areas of work are developing in the legal, tax, labor and accounting spheres.

We started our services of Design Outsourcing with Arias Assessors, redesigning their logo. They decided to continue with the blue tones that were already set in the brand, adding softer tones and emphasizing the double “A” in the title. After redesigning the logo, we changed the design of the web page.

During this process, we helped define the navigation structure, making it easier for users. Two forms were defined (for both the legal entity and the work area). Once the navigation structure has been defined, work has already been done on the visual design to finish the layout with the result of the current web page.

Once the web was completed, digital support continued to be provided with social media management (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) and monthly Newsletters, as well as an update to the news blog (a space with the latest news).

At the same time, it also helped in the development of a new brand with the renewal of the corporate image of the company. That is why the business card, envelopes or folder, as well as the vinyl at the entrance to the office were redesigned.

In VILAX, we feel happy and proud to be able to help in the growth of Arias Assessors, as they share values of work and closeness with customers.

July 2019

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