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Boien Motos is the official Yamaha dealer in Sant Boi de Llobregat. They have a long experience in the motorcycling sector and a highly qualified workforce.

Since the beginning of our work in September 2017, we are promoting a branded content strategy. Once a month we prepare a video with a Commercial Director who analyzes and describes in detail the most recent Yamaha models on the market.

Our technical team is in charge of the recording and subsequent editing for the YouTube release. In VILAX we use several analytical tools and measurement of competence to get to know the terms that users use to search for a specific model of motorcycle.

We know that the competition uses the tags in their videos and we optimize the tags to promote our position above and obtain more views. In addition, we study the monthly Youtube searches for each model of motorcycle. In this way we can better adapt the title of the video, a fundamental and decisive part that will affect the success of the video and its positioning in the YouTube SERP.

Currently, Boien Motos has a total of 259,557 accounts impacted on their Youtube channel in less than one year. More than 45,000 reproductions in a year and a video with more than 20,000 views. In addition, with a very high percentage of click (more than 11%). 90% of the reproductions are complete.

As for SEO in Social Media, we use a crossmedia strategy as we also post these videos on Boien Motos‘ official accounts (Facebook and Instagram) but with less duration, we encourage that if you want to watch the full video you have to go to the Youtube channel.

Our Community Manager team investigates at which time the posts have the best results to be launched. Thanks to our knowledge of the Instagram algorithm, we have achieved more traffic with a collaborative strategy of hashtags, likes, mentions and commen.

We are very proud of the results achieved. So, we look forward to continuing to expand online this fantastic Baix Llobregat Yamaha dealer.

June 2019

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