If you want your brand to stand out, you need a corporate image that sets you apart from other companies in your sector. At VILAX, we design your company’s visual identity to create a powerful brand with a personality that will position you in the minds of consumers.

We help you define your company’s corporate image by showcasing the service or product you bring to the market through the unique aspects of your brand.

The branding process


Logo design
to the target audience

Creation of a slogan that defines
the product or service

Brand Guidelines


Our logo designs are the foundation of a strong and recognisable visual identity, reflecting the essence of your brand with style and consistency.


Typography is more than just lettering – it gives your brand a distinctive voice, portraying professionalism, style and leaving a lasting impression with every interaction.

Colour palette

The colour palette is a strategic tool that elicits emotions, conveys your message and builds an impactful visual identity.

Branding application

From business cards to promotional products, we incorporate your logo into new materials, ensuring a consistent presence across all the applications of your brand.