Business Expansion

Business Expansion

Business Expansion

Founded in 2005, VILAX® is dedicated to business expansion. During all this time we have developed our own work philosophy, directing our efforts to promote:



We address franchises that want to expand throughout the territory or locally through personalized proposals and oriented to the defined expansion model. More than 15 years promoting franchises in different sectors (retail, home, food, services, hospitality, beauty, communications …).


The location of the points of sale, together with a good expansion plan, is undoubtedly one of the most important elements for network expansion. We work directly, to be able to offer the most suitable place in the main cities of Spain.


We go to any business looking for a company with effective strategies, involved in the day to day of your project to achieve the marked results. Our mission is to analyze the case from different perspectives and study different expansion strategies, choosing the one in which the effective premises of growth occur.


We help companies increase their performance, expand sales and improve the results of their online stores. Our experience has allowed us to acquire extensive knowledge about what works and what does not work in e-Commerce.


A key tool before starting to boost any business (Action Plan) is to define the expansion plan. A document that includes an analysis of the potential expansion of the company, as well as the diagnosis of the feasibility of this expansion taking into account the characteristics of the company and in the environment in which the growth would occur.

The objective of the expansion plan is to present a forecast of growth in work volume, sales, growth in areas or in the form of online business. As secondary objectives, it could also be indicated to have a guide to carry out the expansion, detect possible problems in the start-up of this or make a presentation of the company in front of investors, new distributors or partners of the company or financial entities.

February 2020

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