E-Commerce management

E-commerce management


At VILAX we are specialists in E-commerce management. Over the years we have developed our own method to help online shops in all sectors grow.

These are some of the aspects we rely on to boost stores:


Online store analysis:

We take into account such important aspects as the navigation structure and the whole architecture of the website that help to create a more friendly user experience and therefore help in the conversion of sales. Other aspects of the store to be analysed are, for example, whether the existing promotions or the main product categories are displayed correctly. We also take into account navigation on mobile devices, as the mobile is usually the device from which the vast majority of web traffic is generated.


Generate traffic:

We consider that one of the key points when generating traffic for an online store is the correct positioning of this one in Google.

At the SEO level, it is important to control aspects such as the content of the page, both text and multimedia content, the internal and external link-building, and make a correct selection of keywords on which to work the positioning of the store and each of the products. At SEM or Social Ads level, having a good Google Ads campaign, Shopping, Display or re-marketing can be a great help to generate new contacts faster.


Data capture:

How do we get a new customer who does not buy from us to at least leave us their details? We are aware that many times customers enter a website out of curiosity, but with no intention of buying in the short term. This potential buyer should be encouraged to leave their data in order to get them to return to our e-commerce site to buy.


Connection with tools that help us with the conversion:

Chats, email sending platforms, more friendly search engines, etc. There are many platforms that can help us convert. Over time we have specialized in several.


Study of prices and other elements that influence the sale:

prices, transport (both in delivery costs and time to receive the order), we specialize in analyzing the competition and find the formula that facilitates customers complete their order correctly.



There are many ways to make promotions, but all of them must be effectively communicated to customers and potential future customers. We are in favour of making promotions clear, concise and easy to understand by the potential client. We analyze the impact that each promotion has on the profit margin of the product and evaluate the success of each promotion to optimize the benefits more and more.


Loyalty strategies:

There are strategies that can make the customer feel identified with your brand. They can be carried out in all markets and sectors, in some, such as food, loyalty is easier because the product itself makes the purchase repetitive, in others, more technological, it is more difficult to achieve loyalty, as the purchase is much more sporadic. Here strategies come into play that focus on creating valuable content for customers, always seeking their loyalty instead of focusing on sales.


These are some of the points that make up our method. Clearly many other aspects influence, from the platform on which the E-commerce management has been developed to the investment capacity available. At VILAX we adapt to the needs of each client and work towards the maximum optimization of budgets.

January 2020

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