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Marketing Online for Eaata.

Eaata is a company of solutions for immobilizers and diagnostic machines, having one of the widest selections of remote controls, keys, transponders, among other technologies and consumables for vehicles.

Eaata has trusted the VILAX team to execute its Strategic and Marketing Plan for this year 2020. In addition, we offer services for other companies where the group participates, such as the distributor of vehicle key programming tools IM Autel or the Bestdrive workshop in the Clot de Barcelona.

From the team of specialists in Social Ads we are carrying out promotional campaigns in Spain and the American continent for its different products and services.

At Vilax we are specialists in Leads genration and web traffic campaigns from different platforms. We carry out the creatives, the copies in different languages ​​and an exhaustive audience research through different tools that allow us to measure the Benchmark market of its sector.

In addition, we wanted to know the behavior and the reasons that influence the decision process of potential stakeholders, define the buyers and study both possible competencies and trends.

Once the information has been identified and analyzed, the objectives are defined together with the company’s marketing and management department, thus establishing a plan for new actions and scheduling by priorities.

We appreciate the trust placed in our teams and we are proud to develop a great project like this one, which has motivated and committed our teams from the first moment.

May 2020

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