Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective direct marketing methods, as well as a highly effective way to keep customers or potential customers updated on developments, offers and any other relevant content that may help you get closer to them.

As a marketing agency we specialise in email marketing strategies for e-commerce, B2B and B2C clients. We will help you leverage this channel to boost your average conversion rate. From the initial setup and securing registrations, to qualifying your database, and including the creation of automations and design.

At VILAX we build your email marketing campaign from start to finish:

Studying your sector and competition.
Defining the campaign strategy.
Segmenting the database.
Customising the content.
Designing 100% responsive emails.
Tests prior to delivery.
Monitoring and tweaking campaigns.
Presenting results.

Which email marketing platforms do we use?

We can use the various platforms on the market, or we can adapt to the management software of some clients. At VILAX we are specialists in the following delivery platforms.




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