Founded in 2005, VILAX® is dedicated to the business expansion and the online marketing.

Our main focus is the growth  of our clients through our own working philosophy and the expertise that we have developed over many years.

We like to work with companies that are looking to expand by providing personalised proposals designed to suit the defined expansion model.

Innovative or emerging companies and chains that want to achieve tailored and personalised development both at a personal level and with regard to economic resources.

Companies that, due to their size, cannot afford to maintain expansion or online marketing departments, and are therefore looking to outsource to a company that will provide their advice and expertise in the sector.

Established companies with good performance at a national level that need to establish or strengthen their presence both offline and online.


We offer experience and continuous advice

Our clients feel that we defend the interes of their business

Committed to defend the interes of our clients in the most professional manner



We have wide experience in building businesses, developing projects and business expansion, as well as in providing daily advice to our clients.


Experience acquired over the years working in different company sectors, allows us to tailor our services to the needs of each individual client.


We are totally committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations, optimising resources with the clear aim of expanding the brands.

The difference

Expertise in building businesses and developing online projects

Strategies for company growth and brand’s visibility 

Proposals and advice according to the expansion plan

In our relationship with our clients

Working method


The solid relationships which we have with our clients are based on mutual trust, which allows us to adapt ourselves to the business expansion model and to be as competitive as possible.


Another of our strengths is keeping our clients informed of all the processes, guaranteeing a close continuing relationship based on enthusiasm for the project.


We not only meet the requirements of the business plan, we also find solutions to each and every one of our clients’ needs.