Franchising projects

Our franchising services are designed to meet the needs of any company that is looking to grow as a franchise. With this in mind, we have grouped our services into three main areas:

Strategy and project

A preliminary preparation phase that aims to organise your project, identify your needs, and begin the preparation of the operational documentation that will allow your company to franchise.

Marketing and communication

Our expertise in franchising allows us to create or adapt commercial media and tools to support efforts to attract franchisees.

Expansion department

Our commitment and dedication mean that we are a trusted company for the outsourcing of expansion departments or as a complementary commercial structure to such departments.

Strategy and project

The major advantage of franchising is that it offers commercially successful companies the opportunity to grow their business. But the first challenge is preparing and transforming a proven business model into a business organisation that is ready to franchise.

To achieve this, alongside a sound business concept, a suitable franchising project is also required. For this reason, we examine your business model and help you to find the best way to grow. VILAX will provide the strategic planning and the required supporting documents that will give shape to the chosen strategy.

Market and competition analysis
Potential, opportunities and risks Products, image and price
Economic viability
Project assessment Model analysis
Supporting documents for the franchise
Informative: mailing, dossier, website Contractual: precontract and contract Operational: manuals and protocols
Concept and expansion strategy
Franchise proposals
Type of franchise and regions of territorial exclusivity
Priority objectives and implementations


The first task in any expansion plan is to entice potential applicants. It is therefore essential to have the right informative documentation, with the appropriate commercial messages tailored to each business. We customise the different actions based on the objectives of each company, its sector of activity, the desired profile of the candidates and the areas for openings.

Creation / Review

Franchising dossier
Corporate presentations
Website creation or redesign
Catalogues, brochures and advertisements
Creation of emailing

Online marketing

Review and selection of web portals
Social media marketing
Advertising with Google Ads
Web positioning

Event organisation

Opening of establishments
PR events
Presence at trade fairs