Leads Generation

Concesionarios Ros

Leads Generation for Ros.

Ros dealership, founded 90 years ago by Saturnino Ros. Actually it’s one of the oldest car dealer groups in Catalonia.

The group consists of the brands Renault, Skoda and Dacia. It has dealerships and workshops in different towns of the Baix Llobregat (Sant Boi, Gava, El Prat and Hospitalet).

Ros Dealership has relied on VILAX for the online strategy in leads generation. An ideal service for presale and optimization of the commercial process. All proposals include messages, materials needed for campaigns (creatives and landing page); Everything done by our team.

Although it is possible to generate leads with different online / offline tools in Inbound Marketing. In VILAX we have focused on Social Ads and Display Marketing campaigns as main channels.

In addition, Ros dealers have hired Design Outsourcing services that cover any design needs that dealers may need, both online and offline (points of sale or workshops).

In addition, our services include Community Manager tasks. Weekly we generate content of interest for your social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and we carry out photographic sessions monthly.

From VILAX we are very happy with the opportunity to work with Renaul Ros and contribute to our daily effort to boost sales at their dealerships.

December 2019

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