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Mammafiore is a young and dynamic company operating in the Italian food distribution sector.  Its aim is to spread the culture of healthy and quality food. The company offers its customers a wide range of excellent ‘Made in Italy’ products, in order to taste the cuisine of a country rich in variety and tradition.

Competitiveness and the continuous process of expansion place the company among the leaders in the distribution of Italian food in Spain, France and its areas of influence. In addition, Mammafiore also has the distribution of Italian wine with the name V-enology.

V-enology has a wide range of wines from the best known regions of Italy and internationally famous wineries. Finally, it also distributes the best varieties of Italian Kimbo coffee.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been working with them to achieve two clear goals:



  • Restructuring of Social Networks
  • Content creation for Social Media



Mammafiore is an international company, which has several branches within each country.

In Spain they had different profiles of both Facebook and Instagram, so our job was to organize all these accounts and centralize them into one. With the support of the Marketing Director of Mammafiore, we achieved this first goal.

At the same time, we have also been dedicating our efforts creating content for Social Media. Mainly this content is based on the Italian products that distribute throughout the national territory, although there is also a special dedication to the content related to the fairs in which they are present.

From the beginning of the year until today, Mammafiore has had a presence in some of the most prestigious food, catering and hospitality fairs, such as:


Salón Gourmets          Taste of Paris          Salenor         Sirha Ly


Finally, we also manage the SEM campaigns of Mammafiore and V-Enology, positioning their web pages on Google for users interested in their products, especially catering and hospitality businesses.

From VILAX we are very happy to have contributed in the development of their social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and to improve their positioning in search engines, as long as it remains a reference in the distribution of Italian products in Spain.

June 2019

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