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EAS Barcelona

Marketing Online for EAS Barcelona.

EAS Barcelona arose from the initiative of a highly specialized and experienced team to establish a quality aeronautical training centre in one of Europe’s most attractive cities.

According to Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook of 2019, during the next 20 years, the demand of pilotsand workers of the sector will have an important increase to maintain the world fleet.

Specifically, it is estimated that 804,000 new civil aviation pilots, 769,000 new maintenance technicians and 914,000 more cabin crew are required. It is a respected forecast on the demand for industry personnel, which includes commercial aviation, business aviation and civil helicopters.

VILAX team has been working with EAS Barcelona for a few months the marketing online, with the main objective that the aviation school has a greater brand awareness and that students who dream of being pilots will train at their facilities.

Achieving this goal is being carried out through:

SEO and SEM campaigns

On the SEO side, we intensified the content on your blog and on social media. Reporting today in the world of aviation and all the news that happens in the school.

On the SEM side, we are running a Google Ads campaign in several countries. As a reference school in Spain, it receives students from different parts of the world. Efforts in this campaign are dedicated to search and Display campaigns where we use retargeting strategies to drive leads.

Furthermore, our audiovisual team is carrying out the recording, mock-up and editing videos in the simulators where students carry out their first practices.

In VILAX we are very pleased to help boost the Brand of EAS Barcelona and that more and more future pilots are interested in training in this aviation school.

September 2019

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