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Exclusivas Frigoríficas

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Marketing Online for Exclsuivas Frigoríficas.

Exclusivas Frigoríficas is the leading company in controlled fermentation and refrigeration chambers in Baix Llobregat. In addition to dedicating to distribution, both in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain and abroad.

The company has a team with long experience that offers advice for the realization of industrial facilities and maintenance 365 days a year

From Vilax we are offering a complet online marketing services. Initially with the development, design and layout of your website. Currently, we are focused on maintaining your social media, web content, and Social Ads and SEM campaigns.

Of the tasks that are carried out, one of the most important is the creation of content to expand the pages of your website, highlighting the expansion of the “products” section, in which videos of your product catalog are created each month and It is accompanied with the written description, to help better SEO positioning.

To make the video, different images have been moved. Another of the actions that is done for the generation of content, is month by month, the creation of content written in the “News” section.

One of the objectives of increasing visibility locally and regionally, for this reason we manage several Google Adwords campaigns. These campaigns are mainly focused on generating new contacts. The campaigns are accompanied by major promotions in Social ADS.

Support is also given in weekly publications on the main social networks. Highlighting the publications on Linkedin, a type of publication focused on the professional public.

Finally we want to emphasis that 360 ​​design Vilax Team worked in the annual calendar that the company repairs to its clients was designed.

From Vilax, we are very proud of the work done for Exclusivas Frigoríficas, and more when we see that this work has had a positive impact.

March 2020

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