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Marketing online for Novavenda.

NOVAVENDA is a supermarket chain. Its story began in 1942 when the family started working as food wholesalers in the province of Girona.

Since the beginning, the company has evolved to adapt to current market needs. Currently, the headquarters are in Fornells de la Selva, has a distribution warehouse measuring 8,000 m2 and a commercial network of 28 supermarkets, 10 of which are franchises of their brand.

In April we started working on the design project of its new website where we are committed to enhancing the visibility of the webpage and improving the usability through an intuitive web design available in several languages, driving traffic both nationally and internationally, as well as proposing an easy and direct access for the client.

The blue is the main corporate color of the brand blue. In the web page, the blue is the connector and the identity in the different pages present on the web. We play with different shades of blue that combine with whites, images and neutralize texts.

In addition, our photographers team held photo sessions in the 28 supermarkets that the chain has in different towns in the province of Girona. The photo book served as material for the web, while it was used to improve the Google mybusiness profiles of the different supermarkets.


Our marketing online services are focused:
  1. Update and maintenance of the website.
  2. Boost interactions in different Google Mybusiness.
  3. Social Network Strategy oriented to Facebook and Instagram.
  4. News content plan for your website.


We are very satisfied with the work carried out by our design team and the confidence that NOVAVENDA has placed in helping us in all its online strategy.

October 2019

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