SEO positioning

As specialists in digital marketing and SEO positioning strategies, we help you to rank your website among the top search results. In Spain, the most widely used search engine is Google with almost 95% of searches. We use the best SEO tools on the market to conduct a detailed analysis and carry out a crawl of the content of your website, a key area for improving all those sections that need to be addressed.

By searching for keywords for your business, we find opportunities for your website to climb the rankings in the sector so that you can organically attract more traffic, which translates into sales for your business.

SEO positioning is painstaking work that requires time and ongoing optimisation, with every step we take being important to ensuring that your website appears at the top of the search results on Google and Google Maps with Local SEO.

What types of SEO positioning do we offer?

Does your website need an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a process of analysing and evaluating a website to identify any issues that may be affecting its positioning and performance on search engines. Our main objective when conducting an SEO audit is detecting technical, structural and content issues that are impacting the website’s ability to appear in organic search results.

Several aspects are analysed during the SEO audit process, such as website structure, content quality and relevance, keyword analysis, internal and external link architecture, usability and user experience, among others. A comparative analysis of the competition is also carried out and opportunities for improvement are identified to boost the website’s visibility and organic traffic.

Once the SEO audit is complete, we provide you with a detailed report of the entire analysis process. This document will help you identify the errors that are preventing your website from occupying the top positions and to detect opportunities that can help you improve your presence on search engines.

The website audit is a detailed study of your website, which will provide you with a solid basis for implementing effective SEO strategies and help you to reach higher positions in search results, which will lead to more organic traffic, more visibility on the internet and better overall website performance.

Which SEO tools do we use?