Shark Boxing

Shark Boxing

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In 1997 Shark Boxing was born, a brand that has achieved the leadership in Spain of the sports equipment market for boxing, MMA & Kick Boxing.

The Shark Boxing brand has been recognized and valued, among other qualities, because it offers all kinds of sports equipment for boxing such as boxing gloves and gauntlets, punching bags, boxing boots and booties, sportswear, mouthguards, accessories. Rings, Tatamis and Quadrilaterals.

In VILAX we have been working on Shark branding for a long time through a dynamic and creative online strategy in social networks. Above all, we have focused on organically augmenting Instagram followers; promoting the “natural influencers” of the brand and interacting with the audience effectively.

Another aspect of our online expansion services has been to enhance the online sales of the B2C channel with strategic actions of Inbound Marketing. Among these is SEO optimization, activation of SEM campaigns, revitalization and management of the brand’s social networks and the use of video Marketing in order to promote many brand products, and thus achieve engagement objectives within a strategy Global Inbound Marketing.

For the professional channel (B2B) we are helping Shark with very well-defined Email Marketing actions in both design and delivery times and conversion goals. Email Marketing actions are performed with the email marketing service provider MailChimp.

We are very satisfied with the work done with Shark Bosing during 2019 and proud of the trust he has placed in our team of professionals throughout this year. Now, this new year that begins, is presented as an exciting year where we have set new challenges to further enhance the B2B and B2C channels.

January 2020

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