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Turbo 3

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Turbo 3

Marketing Outsourcing for Turbo 3.

Turbo 3 is a company founded in the 70s and was the first turbocharger distributor in Spain. It features a wide range of new and swap-on turbos and fans. It is the only distributor with the main brands: Garrett, Holset, BorgWarner and Mitsubishi.

Since VILAX more than a year ago began working with Turbo 3 has been undergoing different areas. First, VILAX started working on an international SEM campaign and positioning on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), where Social Ads campaigns were also made, mainly Facebook Ads was the main network. The SEM campaign was mainly conducted in Google Adwords, and was done for different countries, previously studied and analyzed.

Secondly, we helped them to improve the positioning of the brand with the creation of the claim “More than power”, which helps the positioning of the brand for the future in the sector. This brand repositioning has been reinforced by different presentations to distributors in which we have participated helping both in the design and the structure. At the same time it was also highlighted the design of the new catalog in which we actively participate in the coordination and creation of content.

The final work has been the brand design and the online design, principally with the redesign of the logo (adding the claim “More tan power”) and the creation of the Turbo3 Racing logo. Also we have redesign the business cards, notepads, envelopes and other stationery elements. At the online level, newsletters have been redesigned, marking a style to make brand recognition easier.

At VILAX we are very happy and proud to be able to participate in the growth of a powerful brand such as TURBO 3.

March 2019

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