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Marketing Online for Viatges Intergava

Viatges Intergava is a local travel agency located in Gava (Barcelona), with more than 35 years of experience and specialized in tailor-made trips, group outings, routes to your air and unique honeymoons.

In addition they can offer you many customized trips around the world, always in contact with trusted correspondents in each destination, which will provide you with quality, sustainable and nature-friendly trips.

In VILAX we are its marketing department and we have been developing its communication and marketing strategy since December 2017 through the digital channel.

One of the main objectives during this time has been the generation of traffic both organic, paid or through Social Ads(Facebook and Instagram)

Organic traffic

It was decided to create the Traveler Magazine, a space within the Viatges Intergava website where travel lovers can find information related to cities, countries, places or routes to visit. Also, you can find recommendations or ways to organize and prepare your trips, among other topics of interest.

Paid Traffic

Creation of promotional campaigns through Social Ads and SEM. The SEM responds to the acronym of Search Engine Marketing and the campaigns we have developed have been in the Google search engine and in Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine.

Social Networks

VILAX Team is a young and prepared team of natives of Social Networks who have known perfectly how to design a Social Media Plan for Viatges Intergava.

In addition, as an Online Marketing agency we are specialists in storytelling, a technique that helps complement the social media strategy, creating stories and highlighting the added value of companies with original content such as images, videos, GIFS and animations.

We are very happy with these two years of growth with Viatges Inergava and we look forward to continuing to establish new digital horizons for the next times.

March 2020

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