Online Expansion


VINALIUM is the leading brand of wine and spirits stores in Spain. This is confirmed by more than 35 years of experience in the sector, as constant updating and continuous improvement is one of their most notable features. This year VINALIUM will beat 60 stores across the country, making them leaders in the sector of specialty stores selling wines and spirits.

At VILAХ since 2013, we have been collaborating to expand the franchise, acting as their Expansion Department. During this time we have helped to promote the brand both in Catalonia and throughout Spain. More than 50 franchises opened during this period support joint efforts to further brand growth in the coming years.

Since 2017 we take care of the online expansion of VINALIUM. We are responsible for their social media and SEO positioning. To this end, a strategy has been developed for social media networks in order to get closer to the final customer of shops and anyone interested in the world of wine.

In addition, a dynamic and creative content strategy was developed to appeal to the VINALIUM customer those interested in the world of wine; we transmitted corporate values and new products or any news related to the brand.

We are very happy to have contributed to the development of VINALIUM’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn); in their continuous growth of followers and their engagement with the brand.

In addition, our services for expansion online with VINALIUM include content with SEO tasks. Weekly we generate content of interest to the VINALIUM BLOG among other on-site optimizations. Thanks to the dedicated and continuous work, we have achieved outstanding results, such as a threefold increase in the number of visits to website in two years and the positioning of BLOG posts as the most popular in Google

April 2019

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