Editorial design

If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of editorial design with your company, at VILAX we can help you with the design and layout of your forthcoming publications. Editorial design encompasses catalogues, brochures, magazines, books and even business reports. We create the layout and design, taking care of the tiniest details to produce a corporate publication that conveys your values, while also being consistent and appealing to the reader.

We help you to communicate and design your publications in any format in a functional and eye-catching way

Product catalogues

We blend design and layout to create visually pleasing and highly functional product catalogues that will be a highlight of your marketing strategy.


Magazine design and layout. From the layout of content to the choice of images, our creative approach and attention to detail ensure visually engaging magazines.


From the choice of fonts and colours to designing impactful covers, we create books that captivate your readers by ensuring an exceptional reading experience.


We are specialists in brochure design. Every brochure we create combines attractive design and persuasive content to effectively communicate your message. Stand out from the competition with our brochures.